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As you may already know, MuffinBOI started off as a university hobby group for those who loved to bake. The group's beginnings began in the historic dormitories of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. We’ve decided to share the baking cup molds that have helped us experience our fondest of memories. These liners have been tested by us for over 10 years and to this day, they still work tremendously.

  • Our premium quality baking cups are FDA Approved, non-toxic, and BPA free
  • We’ve included kid friendly colours because they are perfect for kids as well
  • Our special design allows a mess free baking experience
  • Our cups fit the standard baking pan and are thicker than the competition

Overall, our baking cups will be your favourite baking tool for cupcakes or muffins.

Let us help save Canadian trees. Stop using paper cups to bake. Silicone is the safest substitute to paper.

All our products are 100% money back guaranteed.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

I was really late to this party! These silicone muffin cups are outstanding. I make a dozen vegetable/eggs cups and freeze them for breakfast. The egg cups easily fall out of the muffin cups. I highly recommend them to anyone who has previously used foil liners.


Perfect. I'd never used silicone cupcake holders before. I will never use paper again. Love these.